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Thank you to everyone who made Funk Parade 2014 a huge success.  Check out the Funk Parade Facebook page for some of the best pictures and video from the day!

You can also see great work from different photographers that day at the links below:

Jeffrey Morris

Brightest Young Things (Franz Mahr, Blink Ofaneye, Rachel Cumberbatch)


Elvert Barnes

Joanna Chmarzewska

If you want to get involved in organizing or being a part of Funk Parade 2015, email us at

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Funk Ark/Funk Parade Show Oct 10

September 29, 2014

Funk Parade is honored to present the Funk Ark and many special guests at the Black Cat on Friday, Oct. 10. We’re reuniting some of our favorite Funk Parade acts to celebrate the release of Funk Ark’s new album, “Man is a Monster,” which they’ll play in its entirety. We’re huge Funk Ark fans, and the tracks they’ve released so far... More

T-Shirt Buyers: Thanks for Helping Martha's Table!

May 19, 2014

For those who bought shirts, you may already know Funk Parade partnered with Twice as Warm, a local clothing business which donates a new article of clothing for every piece of clothing they sell. Thanks to all the folks who bought our shirts, Twice as Warm donated over 70 hats to our community nonprofit, Martha’s Table.  In the U Street neighborhood, Martha’s... More

Meet Hailo, our Transportation Sponsor!

April 30, 2014

We’re happy to announce that Hailo is the official transportation sponsor for Funk Parade 2014. Hailo is a free smartphone app that puts people just two taps away from a licensed vehicle and lets drivers get more passengers when they want them. In addition to helping underwrite Funk Parade 2014, Hailo will be providing a promo code to help new app users travel to and... More


April 30, 2014

We’ve put all the details you need in one place, right here! VOLUNTEER - We are still looking for volunteers!  Please fill out this form if you want to join the Funk Parade Team. DAY FAIR OUTDOOR PROGRAMMING (12 - 5pm) M.A. Winter Performance area presented by Capital Bop - 1436 U Street NW CapitalBop presents two of the city’s most energizing improvisers, right... More

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